Welcome to the Nenobot Project

The Nenobot project is a project aimed at creating a bot in Perl, using the DB2 database. We are currently working v0.6. We encourage you to check out our Source Forge Project Page.

Nenobot has many features, and the list is being added onto by the day. Currently nenobot supports insult, lart, and is designed to be modular. In current development is flood detection/protection, and the power to make mode changes in channels, like give users ops.

If your interested in Nenobot, come check it out at minddog.shacknet.nu, on the OpenIRC network. The official project channel is #nenobot, however there are nenobots in use all over OpenIRC. Also, #slackhelp on FreeNode is using nenobot. The version on #slackhelp is an un-released version, testing the new mode change functions.
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